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Dossier of a Delinquent

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Detective's Informational Evidence (D.I.E)
File No. 01547: Polaris

Name: Cher
Aliases: Polaris
Sex: Female
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Dark Brown

"Polaris," as she has been known for years, has proven extremely difficult to apprehend. This elusive character is always seemingly just beyond everyone's reach. Although eyewitnesses have claimed that she possesses a refreshingly good sense of humour, easygoing nature and is "deliciously clever", Polaris still remains a very dangerous individual and should not be taken lightly. She has little to no conscience, and can be deadly when provoked. Males in particular should be on alert; Polaris is notorious for her femme fatale methods.

The photo included in this file is only our artist's rendition. Our agents have never been able to get a live shot of Polaris as of recently. However, should you have proper clearance, proceed to her dossier - there you will find photographs that were confiscated during the raid on her hideout in a Toronto suburb, from which she had unfortunately already fled.

Currently, our only link is her fiction work Antares, written years ago which she has made available for public viewing. Whether it had been written and released before - or during - her turn to a life of crime, has not been verified. Extensive back research has uncovered that Polaris attends a local university, but our experts agree that this is most likely a masquerade for something more sinister.

Based on the areas of possible sightings we have received over the years, our intelligence has compiled a list of her hypothetical interests and hobbies, found below. It is confirmed that Polaris can be lured by offerings of money, vodka, and free food. Should you choose to attempt your capture by way of infiltration, it is rumoured that she takes kindly to lesbian sexual innuendoes, and chivalry. Below are also profiles of her known connections and accomplices. While some are innocent townsfolk making honest livings, others have D.I.E dossiers themselves. Approach with caution.

A position on this suspect are perpetually unknown. Her last known whereabouts were in Canada, and there is great probability she is somewhere in the vast nation. Notwithstanding, she is an impromptu globetrotter, and has affiliations all over the world, including but not limited to the United Kingdom, Australia, and Ohio, and may take refuge at any one of these locations spontaneously if so inclined.

Cher, AKA "Polaris", has been classified level 9 and extremely dangerous. Catch her if you can.