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Giggling Po

March 2009

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Bad Batz Maru

Three separate but concise rants about the boob tube

  1. Either I'm getting older, crabbier, and less tolerant, or the AXE commercials really are getting increasingly moronic. Who the fuck is doing their marketing? A rabble of twelve year old boys and a permanently sauced frat boy?

  2. Why is The Food Network showing nothing but shit shows these days? Like the waste of space that is Giada at Home. You know she only got a show because she let some TV exec garnish her chest with his hollandaise sauce. REAL chefs are fat, old, or have a face that only a plate of pancakes could love.

  3. ENOUGH with the shows about some couple who deep down hate each other and their massive child army. Jon & Kate Plus 8 was cute back in the day because it was essentially the first and it has a quirky name. The creepy Duggars have set the bar with their 18 weirdos. There is no need to go backward and make a show about some family that has twelve kids. BORING.


While the first point flew over my head, I totally agree with the rest. My personal favourite TV chef is Manu Feildel, who is on a terribly day-time cooking show here in Oz. He's French and very cuddly (okay, a little tubby) but funny and enthusiatic.

I hate too much about TV to continue this rant.

(Call me. Email. Send me some form of a message, darling. I miss you and your big sex book :D)