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Giggling Po

March 2009

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Giggling Po

Like Mischa Barton's attempts at staying relevant - it doesn't work!

Add this to your list of things not to do (right up there with "pop zits" and "listen to the music of Avril Lavigne"): give your friend ultimatums between you and their significant other. They never work. Your friend is most likely dickmatized and is not about to give up her boyfriend for you. Yeah, it sounds mean, but think about it. Her boyfriend pays for her shit and gives her sex. You do neither. You do the math.

Plus, it's just a real douchey thing to do. You're forcing your friend to give up someone who makes her happy (even if he is a problem boy) just so you can feel better. Most times the guy probably is bad for her, or is just a jerk, but the most you can do (if you want to keep your friend, that is) is voice a bit of concern in the way a friend should. It's her decision to stick with the guy or not, not yours. If it bugs you that much, just don't hang with her when she's with him.

Just something that seems to keep happening like people think it's a good idea from the start.

Also, hi! Yes, I'm posting. How do you do?


What are you up to these days?
Being lazy, and stalking your girlfriend at Promenade Mall ;)
It's immature and it's incredibly controlling, so your friend can go fuck themselves putting you into a situation like that. Just be like you're not dating him, so why do you care?
Excellent advice. Also? HI HOW ARE YOU!? I've missed you why don't you answer my emails?????? *cough* I love you and we need to catch up, darling :D
Y HALLO THAR! Me 'scuse darling, but I was not aware that emails were missed! :( I suck.

I agree, we must. I don't frequent msn much these days, but I will gladly answer any emails (or, if I were to procure an address, reply in print?! :o)