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Giggling Po

March 2009

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Giggling Po

Triad of Sulkiness

Are bitching, whining, and complaining essentially different words for the same thing, or are there actually minute differences between the three?


Yeah, There Are ...

Stumbled on your journal during a (not quite) random search, as I've started a secondary (read: private, intimacy (I love euphemisms) oriented) journal.

Thought answering your question would be a good alternative to flashing yu a slack-jawed grin.

Yes, the three words are quite different.
  • "Bitching" is acting out in an angry way; usually, the spark has nothing to do with the real issue, but the bitcher (is that a word?) either doesn't recognize or refuses to admit to, the root cause of the complaint;

  • "whining" is similar, but is born of weakness, of an inability to deal with the root cause of the complaint. A whiner hates where they are, but is afraid of what they might lose if they actually show some spine (yes, I know "they" is not "technically correct in this usage, but English doesn't have an equivalent of the Academie Francaise, thank you very much); and

  • "complaining" is the action of an equal who is unhappy with a situation and wants to correct it by respectfully pointing out the nature of his or vexation.

And that's my introduction. Despite my journal's emphasis on sex, I think we might actually enjoy reading one another. Once I post this rambling reply, I'm going to add you to my friend's list in hopes you'll return the favour.

Feel free to tell me to bugger off (or even to go away in more polite terms), if you think I've just fallen out of a tree.