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Giggling Po

March 2009

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Giggling Po

Windows Vista, the harbinger of doom

I'm thinking once my tax refund arrives, I'll go nuts and buy a laptop or something. Something is trying to eat its way out of my computer at home - it won't be much longer. 

I want one for the same reason I always want a new computer: so I can play The Sims and Warcraft without all the lag. I was going to save up and buy a trendy macbook, but got to thinking that since computers have a life of about two years before they're totally obsolete anyway, whats the point? I could easily get one for about $500 that fits my needs at the moment. 

But the question is: is Windows Vista really as scary as I think it is? 


A little laptop story

To be honest I have an iBook G4 from 2004 and it's still serving me well with Leopard. I even used to play WoW on it when I was into it. Nonetheless, my girlfriend had a $500 PC laptop and it lasted her for little more than a year. She's a macbook owner now. I am jealous!

Anyway my point is, a Macbook will probably last you 4-5 years, but then again you play games and games hate old hardware very quickly. $500 laptops seem to be a risky investment to me. :\

Everyone seems to hate Windows Vista, but from the 10 minutes I have actually played around with it, I liked it. *shrugs*

Re: A little laptop story

Beat Up Martin ---> Eat Up Martha
I have Windows Vista at home and have no trouble with it. If you do get a computer with Vista, it might do a lot of online updates during the early days in order to rectify the problems it did have.
$500 laptops aren't easy to find. you're not going to get a good quality one for that. I got mine for like $800 on sale and I dont expect it to last me through college.

But I haven't really had a problem with Vista. It took getting used to, and the bugs have slowly gotten fixed. And as for games, i suppose it depends ont he game. I've gotten Sims 2 and Civilizations 4 to work on mine. It keeps telling me that it may not work properly, but i haven't had a problem yet.
I don't get it, why wouldn't Sims 2 and Civ 4 potentially not work on your computer? They're relatively new games meant for today's type of computers. I know it does work on yours, but was the issue the games clashing with Vista or the computer itself that prompted the warning that it "may not" work?
I think its Vista that is suppoesd to be the problem because both versions I have were released before Vista and therefore are only supposed to work through XP. But they are pretty advanced games so I think thats why they work fine. But older games might not work unless there are updates to make them Vista friendly.
until i figured out how to get it to stop asking me if it was allowed to do something, it was great. i like vista, you can just type what you need, never need to search for a file again.

if vista was a boy (with the asking permission) by "can i take your pants off now" you woulda shot him.

you can get my laptop for about 900 now. it's sexy. its a little sony vaio, whom i'm absolutely in love with. remember that you might have to run 2 systems for apples. `
Oh god, "can I penetrate?" Actually, I'd kinda like to see what that was like, just once.

2 systems for apples? Does not compute. Please explain.
I think he means that you can run both Windows and OS X on a mac these days.
Unless you have some obscure piece of non-equivalent software you probably won't need windows on a mac.